Saturday, May 29, 2010

Such Great Feedback!

I am so enjoying hearing all the great feedback on the Norwex products I have been selling! Over and over I hear "I LOVE IT!!! I WANT MORE!!" Just a few quotes below:

From recent emails:

Hi Renee,I just got an email from ***** letting me know how much she likes her Norwex cloths. She said they were amazing! Just thought you would like to hear her thoughts!

Hello Renee! Here's our guest list...Just talked to ****** and she agrees with me that the window cloth is AMAZING! ;-) I'll either call or talk to each of these ladies to let them know how amazing the product is. Thanks, Renee!

From Facebook:

Made a new best friend tonight!!! I am loving my Norwex--"Dry/Wet Mop"... Where has it been the last 2.5 years we have lived in this house??

From a professional house cleaner:
"I love these cloths so much I just want to save them for MY house and not use them at my clients houses!" I assured her they are designed to stand up to years of rigorous use!

And finally, my own testimonial: I loved teaching Maddy how to clean the bathrooms without chemicals. I didn't have to warn her not to breathe the fumes, not mix bleach and ammonia, to wear rubber gloves to protect her skin. Just "here, water and this cloth and you are good to go!"