Monday, March 29, 2010


So Saturday I had my second party with Norwex. One of the guests is a professional house cleaner. She was very skeptical at first and had lots of questions. The she said "Well, I want to try it!", grabbed my Envirocloth and went into the kitchen and started cleaning!!! Then we hear this: "Oh My Gosh!!! This is amazing! Come see this!" She was scrubbing their stovetop, (you know it gets gunked up around the knobs) with plain water and it was sparkling! She was in shock at the results. She was running around the kitchen cleaning everything, doing little side by side comparisons with a regular dish cloth. She was so impressed she ended up spending over $100 on products!

This made me feel really good to see how great the stuff really works, CHEMICAL FREE! So excited! And might I add that I made $140 in two hours!! Very, very happy and grateful that the Lord led me to this great company!

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