Thursday, March 11, 2010

Some Interesting Facts

Just a few facts that caught my attention:

  • Women who work at home have a 54% higher death rate from cancer than those who work away from home. The 15-year study concluded it was a direct result of the much higher exposure rate to toxic chemicals in common household products (Toronto Indoor Air Conference 1990).

  • The Consumer Product Safety Commission on "CHEMICALS COMMONLY FOUND IN THE HOME" identified 150 as linked to allergies, birth defects, cancer and psychological abnormalities.

  • On the environmental side of things…
    The "California Department of Fish and Game" tested the toxicity of common chemicals which were found in waterways. Two of the most toxic substances to aquatic organisms present in the water were : Household Bleach and All-purpose Cleaner.

Like I've said before, I am not an especially 'green' person, but these facts really cause me to pause and think about the chemicals I have been using in my home.

I got my NORWEX kit today and I have been really been enjoying playing with my Anti-Bacterial Cloth. I was amazed at how it cleaned my computer screen, the kitchen counters, fridge door handles, all with NO CHEMICALS! Very excited to share it with you at my Kick-Off next Tuesday!

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